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New online booking service for IRAS projects goes live on 19 May 2020

A new online booking service will be rolled out for researchers submitting projects using IRAS from tomorrow (Tuesday 19 May) – replacing the current Central Booking Service (CBS) telephone line.
This work is part of the ongoing Research Systems Programme, work we’re doing to improve our services for applicants.
Applicants submitting non-COVID studies will now be able to access a new online booking service via IRAS to book their application for review.

The online booking system is quick and easy to use and will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Director of the Research Systems Programme Mary Cubitt said: ‘This is an important step forward in the Research Systems programme. I’d like to thank all the staff who have worked on this project. It is something we hope will be welcomed by the research community as part of our ongoing commitment to system improvement.’

The work to build the online booking service began before the current COVID-19 pandemic. It is being rolled out now so that the system can support research applicants with non-COVID-19 studies.
Applicants making contact about fast-track COVID-19 studies will continue to follow our current guidance.
Training and guidance will be available to support applicants when the system goes live via the IRAS website. (LINK: