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NIHR call for longer-term COVID-19 research

The NIHR is launching a new call inviting applications to better understand and manage the health and social care consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic beyond the acute phase, to help mitigate the impact of subsequent phases of the pandemic and its aftermath.

The current joint UKRI/NIHR rolling research call funds ‘urgent’ COVID-19 related research which will have an impact within 12 months. Funding and delivering urgent COVID research remains a priority.

But as we move beyond the initial acute phase of the pandemic, this new NIHR call will sit alongside the rolling call, with a specific focus on research to inform policy and the recovery of the health, care and public health systems from the pandemic, with outcomes typically within 24 months.

Applications which involve investigators spanning a range of specialties and scientific disciplines that are in the remit of one or more of the participating research programmes are welcome. 

Researchers who have previously submitted through the portal for urgent public health research and whose research does not meet the 12 month urgency criteria may wish to submit under the new call, where outcomes are typically expected within 24 months. They should review the criteria and consider whether it is appropriate to resubmit. 

Professor Andrew Farmer, Co-Chair of the NIHR Recovery and Learning Committee:

“As we keep moving forward in the fight against COVID-19, I am pleased that the NIHR can support research in this important area. As research continues into the acute phase, it is vital that we look forward and start to consider how we can improve things in the future for us all”. 

Find out more details from NIHR website on how to apply for this call