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NIPHRN Seed Funding

The NIPHRN welcome bids to our Seed Funding Award.  NIPHRN seed funding awards are intended to support the development of a grant application to a nationally competitive funder for public health intervention research.

The maximum value of an award will be £5000, and awards will only be made where sufficient funds are available within each financial year. The processing and evaluation of seed funding is carried out on an on-going basis. There is no deadline for applications.

The awards are tailored to assist interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral teams to develop competitive research funding proposals. The seed funding process is seen as part of our ongoing support to develop Research Development Groups. We therefore expect applicants to have contacted the NIPHRN team in advance of applying for seed funding.

To read more and apply see the NIPHRN website.

All inquiries and correspondence relating to applications should be addressed to