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Outcomes of the Implementation of Smoking Prevention Intervention - Commissioned Call 2014

Latest research indicates that 25% of people aged 16 years and over in Northern Ireland are smokers.  In 2010, 6.7% of local children aged 11 to 16 were current smokers.  71% of these young people who smoke would like to quit.  Most adult smokers (77%) would admit that they started smoking in their teens or younger.

The Dead Cool Smoking Prevention Education Pack is an intervention developed by Cancer Focus Northern Ireland targeted at Year 9 school children, aimed at reducing the numbers of young people who start to smoke and challenging those who influence smoking behaviour: Friends; Parents and Family and the Media

HSC R&D Division issued a call for research on the current outcomes of the implementation of Smoking Prevention Intervention – Dead Cool: Smoking Prevention Education Pack.

One project was funded which will include research to inform: the process of continuous improvement of Dead Cool Intervention; the development of any subsequent Smoking Prevention Education Pack for young people; future strategy for Smoking Prevention for children and young people; and generalisable application in contexts beyond the Northern Ireland setting.

Awards made under the Commissioned Research Call in Outcomes of the Implementation of Telemonitoring NI in 2013:
(final costs are subject to change, project status correct as of August 2016)
Prof A Thurston (QUB) 
A randomised controlled trial evaluation of the Dead Cool (Cancer Focus NI) smoking cessation/prevention programme in schools
2014-2015 Status: Research Complete
Joint funder: Cancer Focus NI


  Short Report                            Final Report

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