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People-Centred Clinical Research Project


Improving clinical research so that more people can take part in ways that are better for them.


Clinical research aims to find out more about an illness, condition, treatment, therapy or care by directly including people in a research project. This sort of research is vital to making health and care better and it is important that as many people as possible can take part in projects about their treatment or condition.

Lots of people are involved in clinical research studies and trials, but we know there are lots of people who have still not benefitted from good clinical research.

We want to change this.


The People Centred Clinical Research project

The People Centred Clinical Research project aims to improve the way clinical research happens in the UK, so that:


  • there are more opportunities for more people to take part

  • it is better for people who do take part

  • there are better health and care decisions

  • there is reduced research waste

To do this:


  • we are looking at what the existing research literature says

  • we are asking people for their views and experiences

  • we are sharing what good looks like and making recommendations to help changes in practice


To read more and complete a survey see the HRA website.