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Project Portfolio by year

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See below for a list of new projects and infrastructure funded in each year:

January - December 2018
Fellowship Awards
Developing an ICU swallowing intervention to improve outcomes following prolonged intubation in cardiac surgical patients: a feasibility study
Endodontic infections and CardiOvascular disease risk (ECO): A prospective study of a possible link?
The effect of dental and salivary gland radiation dose on the occurrence of post-radiotherapy dental disease in patients with head and neck cancer
Wellcome Irish Clinical Academic Training (ICAT) Programme - 2 Fellows
3 GPARTS Awards
NCI Summer Cancer Prevention Courses
3 places on the Principles and Practice of Cancer Prevention and Control course
Opportunity-Led Commissioned Research Awards
Precision Medicine Centre of Excellence
A multi-component lifestyle behaviour change programme for reducing TYPE 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors in overweight and obese adults with intellectual disabilities living in community homes
Understanding social norms and social network effects in school-based smoking prevention
Developing and evaluating an educational intervention for the management of constipation: a feasibility intervention study (DEMCoN)
Women and Maternity Care Providers’ Experiences and Perceptions of Home Birth Service provision in Northern Ireland
Tracing the Longitudinal Belfast Youth Development Study Cohort: A feasibility study
Development of Connected Health Living Laboratory
Development of a patient and family-initiated escalation of care scheme to detect and refer patient deterioration in hospital
Informing the development of an evidence based public health approach: public awareness of palliative care and advance care planning
Strategic Links
All Ireland Institute of Hospice & Palliative Care (AIIHPC) Research Network 
HSC Statistical & Methodological Research Support Service 
Health Data Research UK (HDR UK)
UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP)
Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC)
A randomized controlled trial (RCT) of mirror box therapy in upper limb rehabilitation with sub-acute stroke patients
Pragmatic Lifestyle Pregnancy and Post pregnancy Intervention for Overweight Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: a randomised controlled clinical trial (PAIGE2)
Anticipatory Care Planning Intervention for Older Adults at Risk of Functional Decline: A Primary Care Feasibility Study
The Walking In ScHools (WISH) Trial: a cross-border trial to evaluate a walking intervention in adolescent girls
The feasibility of a walking intervention to increase activity and reduce sedentary behaviour in people with serious mental illness
MY COMRADE PLUS: A pilot cluster randomised controlled trial, for patients with multimorbidity, of the MultimorbiditY COllaborative Medication Review And DEcision Making intervention (MY COMRADE), practice based pharmacists (PBP’s) or PBP’s plus an adaptation of MY COMRADE
A randomised pilot study of a theory-based intervention to improve appropriate polypharmacy in older people in primary care (PolyPrime)
Improving mental health among at-risk young people in a challenging border region
Delivery of a habit-based intervention '10 Top Tips for a Healthy Weight' to overweight or obese pregnant women on the Island of Ireland: a feasibility study exploring integration into existing antenatal care pathways
BRAIN-Diabetes: Border Region Area lifestyle Intervention study for healthy Neurocognitive ageing in diabetes
The use of digital technologies to enhance adherence and inhaler technique and guide treatment among patients with severe asthma


January - December 2017
Enabling Research Awards
Optimal nutrition for prevention of hypertension in pregnancy using a personalised approach (OptiPREG): a pilot study
A feasibility study of a pedometer based intervention for patients with Myeloproliferative neoplasms
Adaptation of the 'Transition to Retirement' intervention: Improving the health and wellbeing of older people with intellectual disabilities through community participation
Promoting engaged communication between health care professionals and patients with obesity through enhanced clinical mindfulness
A feasibility study of the Attention Control Training (ACT) intervention amongst very preterm (VP) infants
Development and piloting of a prehabilitation behavioural change and physical activity intervention for fibromyalgia syndrome
Doctoral Fellowship Awards
The use of early pregnancy HbA1c in predicting excessive foetal growth in women at risk of glucose intolerance
Petechiae in Children (PIC) Study – Defining a clinical decision rule for the management of non-blanching rashes in children including the role of rapid point of care testing for procalcitonin and neisseria meningitides DNA
Improving engagement with Cardiac Rehabilitation using innovative approaches developed through Experience Based Co-Design
US Ireland R&D Partnership Programme Awards
Systems Modeling of Tumor Heterogeneity and Therapy Response in Colorectal Cancer
Opportunity-Led Commissioned Research Awards
Movember GAP4: INTERVAL – MCRPC: INtense Exercise for survival with Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer: a multicentre, randomised, controlled, phase III study.
Cessation of Smoking in Pregnancy (CPIT III Trial)
Nicola Study - CoE Public Health
2 new awards
NCI Summer Cancer Prevention Courses
3 places on these courses were allocated to Northern Ireland applicants


January - December 2016
Enabling Research Awards
Parenting Northern Ireland 'Odyssey:  Parenting Your Teen':  A Pilot Non-Randomised Trial
Evaluating the implementation of Minimum Unit Pricing of Alcohol - Harmonising alcohol-related outcomes data across the UK & Ireland
The development and pilot testing of a systematic recording system for deaths by suicide in Northern Ireland to enhance the validity of the NI suicide database
Promoting resilience in children & young people affected by parental substance misuse (PSM): a feasibility study of the Pharos group work programme.
The impact of a tailored dietary intervention coupled with oral rehabilitation on the nutritional status of older patients.
The Jack Trial: An Intervention refinement to the parental component.
Rapid tests for fungal infection 2.
Establishing a clinical phenotype for cachexia in chronic kidney disease.
Developing E-health Services (DES): The feasibility and accountability of group based video-conferencing for adults with depression.
Knowledge Exchange Awards
Using information to prepare cancer caregivers to cope: translating evidence to practice
iMPAKT: Implementing and Measuring Person-centredness using an APP for Knowledge Transfer
Making Insulin Treatment safer in Northern Irish Hospitals
Needs-Led Commissioned Research Awards
The APPLE Project: A Parenting and Professional Learning Evaluation
An Evaluation of the Early Intervention Support Service in Northern Ireland.
Using the voluntary sector to support children and families with complex needs - what are the potential benefits and risks?
Opportunity-Led Commissioned Research Awards
Pulmonary epithelial barrier and immunological junctions at birth and in early life – key determinants of development of asthma?
TRAC-24 (Effect of the addition of twenty-four hours of oral tranexamic acid post-operatively to a single intra-operative intravenous dose of tranexamic acid on calculated blood loss following primary hip and knee arthroplasty)
Steps Towards Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program (STAMPP) in Northern Ireland
TrueNTH UK – Maximising Sexual Wellbeing Project
Doctoral Fellowship Awards
The development and testing of a universal trans-disciplinary programme to enhance working memory which will target attention and language skills in 4-5 year old children: A clustered randomised feasibility trial
Development and testing of a supportive intervention to meet the needs of older male carers looking after a spouse/partner with a long term condition: a feasibility study
Gender Dysphoria: prevalence, experiences and pathways for people with Autism
The development of early warning diagnostic and treatment response markers of Non-Uterine Pelvic High Grade Serous Carcinomas (HGSCs)
US-Ireland R&D Partnership Programme Awards
COMP-Ang1: Vascular Normalization and Neuroprotection for Diabetic Retinopathy
Integrative genomic, epigenetic and functional studies in diabetic kidney disease
Translational Analyses of Ingestive Behaviour after Gastric Bypass
The impact of Precision Teaching on right left discrimination ability
A study to assess preparedness of GP Trainees to deliver health promotion advice for physical activity
Cochrane Fellowship Awards
Psychological interventions for depression in adults bereaved through life-limiting conditions.
Educational interventions to improve attainment for Children in Care.
Interventions to support female BRCA carriers who undergo risk-reducing surgery.
Post-operative exercise interventions on the physical and mental health of people with colorectal cancer receiving adjuvant therapy.
NCI Summer Cancer Prevention Courses
4 places on these courses were allocated to Northern Ireland applicants
Special Initiatives
Establishment of GMP Accredited Cell Therapy Facility in Belfast Health & Social Care Trust and Queen’s University Belfast.
January - December 2015
Doctoral Fellowship Awards
Is it possible to develop a non-pharmacological intervention to improve the outcome of critically ill patients with delirium?
Role of Active Deresuscitation After Resuscitation (RADAR-2): a systematic review and pilot randomised controlled trial
Evaluation of mechanisms in and methods of inhibiting ventilator induced lung injury
Identification of Targetable Mediators of Resistance to Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma
Career Development Awards
Clinician Scientist: Prevention by HMGCoA reductase inhibition of ARDS associated with one lung ventilation following oesophagectomy by a Reduction of Pulmonary vascular dysfunction and inflammation (Prevention-HARP 2)
An exploration of outcomes and experiences of an innovative scheme for Primary Care referral to a commercial weight loss programme
A pilot study of a randomised controlled trial of physical activity and weight loss interventions for patients with type 2 diabetes in Primary Care
Cochrane Fellowship Awards
Comparative effectiveness of different lasers and techniques for the treatment of proliferative diabetic retinopathy
Enabling Research Awards
Fathers in Families: An Evaluability Assessment
Remote Arthritis Disease Activity monitoR (RADAR 1) - a feasibility study of home-based dried blood spot use to monitor an inflammatory marker in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients.
Retinal Evaluation in Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Music Therapy in Improving the Quality of Life of Palliative Care Patients: a randomised controlled pilot study
Rapid tests for fungal infection
The Jack Trial: An Intervention refinement to the parental component
Opportunity-Led Commissioned Research Awards
Social Complexity in Pregnancy
The Effectiveness of School-Based Socio-Emotional Learning Programme: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
A Cluster RCT pilot of the 'Good Behaviour Game' in disadvantaged areas
Can Twitter sentiment help us design better social media-enabled mass communication interventions for public health? A feasibility study focussing on skin cancer prevention
Nurse Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (Heart Failure Association)
NI Life & Times Survey on Public Attitudes to Data Sharing in NI
Medication adherence in long-term conditions – leverage of the NICOLA study
Psychological Trauma in People with Learning Difficulties
US-Ireland R&D Partnership Programme Awards
Tumor priming sequences combined with novel nanoparticle drug carriers for enhanced therapeutic efficacy in pancreatic cancer: a tripartite USA/Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland consortium
NCI Summer Cancer Prevention Courses
3 places on these courses were allocated to Northern Ireland applicants
New Infrastructure Awards
NI Biobank Phase II
NI Clinical Research Network (NICRN) Gastroenterology Interest Group


January - December 2014
Doctoral Fellowships
Clinical utility of 3D power Doppler ultrasound and maternal biomarkers in the prediction of pre-eclampsia in high risk pregnancies
Do statins improve survival in stage II and III colon cancer and does this effect differ by TP53 or KRAS gene mutation status?
Investigation of Aspirin as a novel therapy for the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Impact of structured education on psychological stress to overcome a barrier to injectable treatment for type 2 diabetes. A randomised controlled trial
Exploring the role of naturally occurring prostate calcifications as an alternative to surgically implanted fiducial markers for Image guided radiotherapy
Stroke Prevention Rehabilitation Intervention Trial of Exercise - SPRITE - A Feasibility and Pilot Study (NIHR Fellowship)
Health Economics Fellowship
1 award made
Career Development
Social Network Enabled Interventions for Physical Activity Behaviour Change
Deciding not to dialyse in advanced chronic kidney disease - Health related quality of life, decision making, costs and impact on carers
Commissioned Research: Dementia Care Call
A feasibility study of facilitated reminiscence for people with dementia
The evaluation of a Healthcare Passport to improve quality of care and communication for people living with dementia (EQulP)
The development of a comprehensive medicines management approach for persons with dementia in primary care
Technology enriched supported housing - a study into the lived experience of elders with dementia and their carers
Pain assessment and management for patients with advanced dementia nearing the end of life
Promoting informed decision making and effective communication through advance care planning for people living with dementia and their family carers
Risk communication in Dementia Care
Commissioned Research:  Tobacco Call
A randomised controlled trial evaluation of the Dead Cool (Cancer Focus NI) smoking cessation/prevention programme in schools
Improving the implementation of findings from randomised controlled trials in complex critical care interventions through process evaluation
Multiples Point of Care detection of sepsis pathogens, using biochip array technology
Infant Death and Co-Sleeping
National Survey of Recent Mothers 2010 Proposal
Movember Prostate Cancer UK CoE Grant  Optimising DNA – damaging therapies as treatment for localised and metastatic prostate cancer
Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a physical activity loyalty card to maintain behaviour change: A cluster randomised controlled trial
Diabetes education for adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) with Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and their family/paid carers: a pilot RCT
Microbial community composition in the airways of patients with chronic lung infection: characterization and clinical impact
Enabling Research Awards
Evaluation of novel prognostic risk indicators for cardiovascular disease
Efficacy of the Telescopic Mirror Implant for Age-related Macular Degeneration:  The MIRROR Trial
Effect of folic acid supplementation during pregnancy on the growth, cognitive development and behaviour of 7 year old children: a follow-up investigation of children FASSTT study participants
A randomised controlled trial of a pedometer competition to encourage physical activity in schools: A feasibility study
Personal and Public Involvement and its impact - Monitoring, measuring and evaluating the impact of Personal and Public Involvement in Health & Social Care in Northern Ireland
Venovenous extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal (W-ECCO2R) in adults with respiratory failure
Getting it right; devising an optimal implementation plan for a paediatric ventilator weaning trial.
An evaluation of a multifaceted intervention to reduce antimicrobial prescribing in care home residents: a cluster randomised controlled trial (REducing Antimicrobials in Care Homes (REACH) ]- an exploratory and scoping study (Response to Antimicrobial Resistance Themed call; Health Services and Delivery Research funding stream)
Self- Help Interventions to Reduce Alcohol Consumption (SHIRAC)
Optimising hospital discharge of children requiring long term ventilation
Early switch to oral antibiotic therapy in patients with low risk neutropenic sepsis
Influence of online course related prompting on Medical Students Exercise Practices
Knowledge Exchange Scheme
Advanced lung function assessment in patients with bronchiectasis: Development and delivery of an evidence based training programme in the multiple breath washout technique
Living well with bronchiectasis: enabling health and well-being by supporting education and self-management
Improving adjustment for children whose parents have cancer by increasing staff knowledge and awareness of support needs and delivering a tested psychosocial intervention for young people.
Cochrane Fellowship
Parenting programmes for improving the parenting skills and outcomes for incarcerated parents and their children
Psychosocial Interventions for Liver Transplant Patients
Conference Bursaries
5 places awarded to NCI Summer Course – July/August