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TO-REACH kicks off in Rome

HSC R&D Division is a partner in the Horizon 2020 funded "TO-REACH" project and took part in the 'kick-off' meeting of the consortium in Rome on 1st February.

In order to strengthen the sustainability and resilience of health services and systems a unique consortium of governmental and funding organizations plus research institutes, has expressed the ambition to systematically learn from the organisation of care in other settings. The overall objective of TO-REACH is to provide groundwork for a European Research Area Network (ERA-NET) that will contribute to the resilience, effectiveness, equity, accessibility and comprehensiveness of health services and systems. 

The project will work along two work streams:
A) Develop a research program on cross-border learning from good (or even innovative) models of care and the conditions needed to transfer them to other settings for implementation. It could refer to anywhere in the care chain depending on the priorities as identified in a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) within this project. Conceptual, methodological and empirical advancement will be achieved through 4 meta-questions that will instruct research under the ERA-NET, linking to what counts as good models of care, what are the conditions required for transferability, what are the conditions for up-scaling, and how do they contribute to the performance of health care organisations and systems.
B) Build a platform for funding organizations that allows for collaboration and coordination in the project and projected ERA-NET. This will synchronize priorities and activities, hence improving the quality and applicability of research with a focus on the topic areas as described under A.

TO-REACH will pursue five specific objectives:

  • Mapping health system challenges and priorities by synthesizing different materials and stakeholder inputs;
  • Developing a framework and providing a knowledge synthesis on the above-mentioned meta-questions;
  • Establishing sustainable cooperation of research funding bodies and links with other initiatives;
  • Developing a SRA through agenda setting at European and Member State level;
  • Disseminating the results of TO-REACH.

For more information go to the EU website>