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Shared Commitment to Public Involvement- One Year On


On 10th March 2023 HSC R&D Division joined with the Health Research Authority (HRA) and the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the launch of our Shared Commitment to improve public involvement in health and social care research.  We’re working in partnership with other leading organisations on this important initiative which will help to drive up standards in health and social care research. Excellent public involvement is an essential part of health and social care research and improves the quality and impact of research.

The Shared Commitment aims to drive up standards by improving the quality of public involvement across the health and social care research sector. Public involvement refers to all the ways in which the research community works together with people including, patients, carers, advocates, service users, and members of the community.

Professor Ian Young, Director of HSC R&D and the NI sponsor of this initiative said,

‘Through the Shared Commitment, HSC R&D Division is delighted to be working with other funding organisations and partners across the UK to support and inspire our research community in Northern Ireland to involve the public better in their work. The shared commitment supports the research community and partner organisations by sharing learning, providing training, celebrating best practice, and championing the voices of patients and the public’.

We’re encouraging organisations from across the health and social care research community to join the Shared Commitment. If your organisation would like to join the Shared Commitment to help promote, support, and amplify excellent public involvement in health and social care research, please contact the HRA public involvement team.

Read HSC R&D Division’s anniversary blog reflecting on the last year and being part of the Shared Commitment.

Watch a video with one of our doctoral fellows, Carla McClintock, a critical care staff nurse, reflecting on PPI (Personal and Public Involvement) in her feasibility study of a voice recognition tool in patients who have had a tracheostomy.

View the results of a recent survey of HSC award holders’ views on HSC R&D’s Implementation of PPI.

Enjoy a recording and presentation of a webinar with Simon Denegri, Director, Academy of Medical Sciences, entitled, ‘Public Involvement in Research, ‘Looking Back, Forging Forward’, held in association with PIER NI on 9th March 2023.