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Suicide Prevention Research

Research studies which aim to reduce suicide were carried out by researchers in the Bamford Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing at Ulster University as part of HSC R&D Division’s commissioned programme.

Key findings from the suicide prevention research include that almost half of those who died by suicide in Northern Ireland had made a previous suicide attempt or had a history of suicidal thoughts. The research shows rates were higher in Belfast and other larger towns than other areas of Northern Ireland.

Deprivation and relationship problems were identified as key risk factors and there appears to be an association between alcohol use, abuse and effects of intoxication on suicidal behaviour.

Families often experienced distress when trying to get appropriate help but felt impeded by a combination of stigma and service failures. In addition, GPs blamed time limitations and a lack of coordination among those providing services for problems with the services.

The studies were launched by the Chief Medical Office, Dr Michael McBride, at a conference attended by a wide range of delegates including academics and those who work in the community and voluntary sector.

For further details see the press release.

Please click here to download the full research reports and executive summaries.

To download the presentations from the launch please click on the links below:

Prof Brendan Bunting

Prof Gerry Leavey