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Targeting Social Need

Commissioned Research - Targeting Social Need (2003)

HSC R&D Division commissioned research in the area of Targeting Social Need


Socio-economic factors and outcomes in Type 2 diabetes
Dr V Coates (UU)
Research Complete 2003-2007
Improving the outcome of pregnancy and early infancy with an intervention study in women from socially deprived areas of Belfast
Prof H Halliday (QUB)
Research Complete 2003-2006
Measuring the impact of multisectoral partnerships on inequalities in health
Dr L Boydell (IPH)
Research Complete 2003-2006
Monitoring inequalities in pregnancy outcome in Northern Ireland with UK comparisons
Prof H Dolk (UU)
Research Complete 2003-2006
Social inequalities in access, offer and uptake of antenatal screening in Northern Ireland
Dr F Alderdice (QUB)
Research Complete 2003-2005
Identifying the reasons for and appropriate service responses to under-served populations with renal failure
Prof F Kee (QUB)
Research Complete 2003-2005
Community Learning Disability Teams in Northern Ireland: An investigation into their structures, functions and effectiveness in preventing people with learning disabilities being admitted to specialist hospitals
Dr E Slevin (UU)
Research Complete 2003-2005
New THSN in Health and Social Care – what are the problems?
Dr J Jamison (QUB)
Research Complete 2003-2004