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UK Vision for the Future Delivery of Clinical Research

Patients, clinicians and researchers across the whole of the UK are set to benefit from the ambitious vision for the future of clinical research delivery in the UK as the government sets out to create more efficient research delivery, more diverse and accessible research, and to embed research in the NHS.

Saving and improving lives: the future of UK clinical research delivery, published on 23 March 2021 and developed by the UK government and devolved administrations, sets out how we will deliver faster, more efficient and more innovative research – from the streamlining of costing, contracting and approvals processes to the HRA’s rapid ethics review pilot, which aims to halve the time to provide a final opinion for research applications.

Using best practice, participating in research will become more accessible, increasing diversity and allowing more people across the whole of the UK to take part. Working with Centres of Excellence, such as the Centre for BME Health in Leicester, there will be more support for research in more diverse and under-served communities and innovative approaches like the University of Birmingham’s Dare2Think clinical trial, which has used remote eConsent and digital follow-up methods to recruit 3,000 patients across England with atrial fibrillation for their research.

The NHS will be encouraged to put delivery of research at the heart of everything they do, making it an essential and rewarding part of effective patient care. This means building a culture across the NHS and all health and care settings that is positive about research, where all staff feel empowered and supported to take part in clinical research delivery as part of their job.

Robin Swann, Minister for Health, Northern Ireland Executive, said:

In Northern Ireland, we are at the midpoint of our 10-year Strategy, ‘Research for Better Health & Social Care’, which sets out how the health, wellbeing and prosperity of the Northern Ireland population benefits from excellent, world-renowned R&D in health and social care. The vision for the delivery of clinical research we are launching today provides added impetus to our plans and ensures we can play our full part in making the UK the best place to carry out innovative research for the benefit of all.

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