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Workshops and Conferences Support

HSC R&D Division recognises that dissemination of new knowledge is essential to enable evidence-based and research-led Health and Social Care (HSC) services in Northern Ireland and therefore provides funding to support the running and organisation of research workshops/conferences promoting evidence-based practice and research dissemination relevant to the HSC.


HSC R&D Division does not act as sole funder and funding is only considered for non-profit making workshops/conferences.

Event Date (anticipated)

Title of Research Event or Conference

Lead Organisation
06 Mar 2019 6th Annual Social Work Research Conference  HSCB
30 Nov 2018 Irish Association of Pharmacologists (IAP) 19th Annual Meeting  QUB
15 Nov 2018 7th Annual Palliative Care Research Network (PCRN) Symposium AIIHPC
01 Oct 2018 REMERGE Annual Symposium 2018 QUB
Sept & Dec 2018 Enhancing safety, quality and experience of residents in care homes QUB
28 Sept 2018 Understanding Huntington's Disease - a training event for health and social care professionals  Huntington's Disease Association NI
25 Sept 2018 Embedding Exellence in Mental Health Nursing Practice: 'Many Outlooks - Single Vision' SEHSCT
17 Sept 2018 Management of ME/CFS: Adult & Paediatric - 'First Do No Harm'  Hope 4 ME & Fibro NI
12-13 Sept 2018 9th Annual Translational Medicine Conference "Innovating to Live Well for Longer" WHSCT
05 July 2018 Building Connections:  Support and training for professionals using Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) Ripple Psychological Services
02-06 July 2018 32nd Human Computer Interaction Conference  UU
21-22 June 2018 Administrative Data Research Conference QUB
12 June 2018 AIIHPC Palliative Care and Disabilities: Impact of Legislation to Improve Quality of Life and Realise Human Rights AIIHPC
06 June 2018 UK Critical Research Forum Annual Meeting  QUB
24 May 2018 European Association for the Study of Diabetic Eye Complications (EASDec) QUB
26 April 2018 Global Health Symposium: m-Health for Low Resource Areas: Can smartphones, wearables and sensors deliver care where it's most needed? QUB
16 April 2018 Supportive Care for and with kidney patients, families and healthcare professionals QUB
7 Mar 2018 5th Annual Social Work and Social Care Conference HSCB
28 Nov 2017 European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Congress:  QUB Special Session: Eyes do not lie - you are what you can see! QUB
17 Nov 2017 MIDAS Project - Consent, Ethics & GDPR Workshop UU
15 Nov 2017 Working Together for Better Health and Wellbeing:
Understanding What Works
IPH Ireland
14 Nov 2017 NI Horizon 2020 Health & Connected Health Information Day QUB
17 Oct 2017 What is new in the diagnosis and management of retinal diseases? QUB
6 Oct 2017 Huntingtons Disease – Learning, Sharing and Connecting  Huntington’s Disease Association NI
21-22 Sept 2017 C-TRIC 8th Annual Translational Medicine Conference WHSCT
30 Aug 2017 BALR 2017 Annual Summer Meeting – “Discovery to Recovery: Still lost in Translation?” QUB
6 July 2017 Promoting Infant Mental Health: The Role of Video Interaction Guidance Ripple Psychological Services
28 June 2017 UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) Showcase Event QUB
26 June 2017 REMERGE Annual Symposium QUB
19 June 2017 Queen’s University Centre for Health Research at the Management School 1st Annual Workshop QUB
19-21 June 2017 Child Vision Research Society Conference UU
19-21 June 2017 Bridging the gap: from evidence to improved health for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities UU
7 June 2017 Diabetes UK Northern Ireland Professional Diabetes Conference “Sharing Knowledge, Changing Lives Diabetes UK
17 Feb 2017  Ataxia, Translation of Research into Practice NIRDP
15 Feb 2017 Doctoral European Nurses Conference on ICU patient care QUB
10 Nov 2016 The F word - debating how obesity should be discussed UU
8-9 Nov 2016 British and Irish Longitudinal Studies Conference 2016 (BILS 2016) QUB
8 Nov 2016 Personalised medicine for ARDS therapy QUB
24 Oct 2016 Emotional Well-being of Disabled Young People - Our Story QUB
11 Oct 2016 Breaking down boundaries - innovation, participation and creativity in public health IPH
29 Sept 2016 Understanding Huntington's Disease - a learning event for health & social care professionals HDA NI
22 Sept 2016 7th Annual Scientific Conference of HEPA Europe, the European network for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity QUB
20 Jun 2016 REMERGE Annual Symposium 2016 QUB
10 Jun 2016 Cochrane Collaboration in Ireland Eleventh Annual Cochrane in Ireland QUB
7 Jun 2016 Prenatal surgery for spina bifida SHINE
1 Jun 2016 From Stand Offs to Standards (PPI) PHA
11 Mar 2016
Acquired Brian Injury: Costs and Consequences
29 Feb 2016
Patient Voice and Empowerment
NI Rare Diseases Partnership (NIRDP)
22-23 Feb 2016
Enhancing the efficiency of gestational diabetes management by integrating information and communication technology into service delivery
18 Feb 2016
Bridging the Gap – Research and Practice – Social Work Research Conference
19 Nov 2015
Made in NI – Sharing our innovation in research policy and practice Social Work
6 Nov 2015
4th CBA/QUART Conference: Multidisciplinary collaborations in autism
3 Nov 2015
Launch of the Southern HSC Trust Research & Development Strategy for Nurses, Midwives and AHPS and the R&D Community of Practice
26-27 Oct 2015
7th Annual Translational Medicine Conference "Big Data and Data Analytics in Precision Medicine"
22 Sept 2015
International Training Programme on Ageing: Dementia and Memory Impairment
17 Sept 2015
Understanding and Managing Behavioural Changes in Huntington's Disease
9 Sept 2015
Alcohol and Drugs in Pregnancy: Sharing Our Research Evidence
24 June 2015
Learning Disability and Dementia: Reviewing current evidence and identifying future priorities for research
22 June 2015
REMERGE (Regenerative Medicine Research Group) Annual Symposium 2015
11 June 2015
Developing a collaborative roadmap for evidence-based practice for the Cancer Fund for Children: a workshop approach
8-10 June 2015
Cancer Outcomes Conference 2015: United Against Cancer
June 2015
Diabetes education for adults with learning disabilities (LD) with Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and their family/paid carers: a stakeholders workshop
10-13 May 2015
All-Ireland Cancer Consortium Conference 2015
16-17 Apr 2015
Health Services Research and Pharmacy Practice Research (HSRPP) Conference
1-2 Apr 2015
3D surface imaging of the breast - workshop
24 Mar 2015
Collagen: Do we need it? International Expert Research Evening on connected tissue disorders
9 Feb 2015
Supporting Partnerships in Research - Social Work and Social Care
23 Jan 2015
Mums Obstetricians Midwives (MOMs) striving for normality in this brave new world
2–5 Dec 2014
8th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing & Ambient Intelligence (UCAmI 2014) Co-located with: 6th International Work-conference on Ambient Assisted Living (IWAAL 2014)
6 Nov 2014
Mental health occupational therapy – our time, our future
25-26 Sept 2014
6th Annual Translational Medicine Conference ‘Personalising Health and Care’
17–19 Sept 2014
15th International Conference on Human Genome Variation & Complex Genome Analysis (HGV2014)
15 Sept 2014
Renal cachexia: defining key characteristics and inclusion criteria for research purposes
15 Sept 2014
Huntington’s Disease and Rare Disease Research
9 Sept 2014
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Healthy Pregnancy Seminar Series
4 July 2014
REMERGE (Regenerative Medicine Research Group) Annual Symposium 2014
25-26 June 2014
Innovation and Research in Health and Social Care – embedding knowledge, evidence and innovation in practice
23-24 June 2014
International Conference on Acute Lung Injury
May 2014
The Wolf Motor Function Test in Stroke Rehabilitation: A Masterclass on assessment of upper limb function
06 Feb 2014
Research in Social Work and Social Care - a way forward
04 Dec 2013
Tobacco Control Research Development Workshop
18 Nov 2013
Southern Health & Social Care Trust Research & development Strategy for Nurses, Midwives & AHPs Workshop
12 Nov 2013
NIHR Antimicrobial Resistance Call: Bringing HSC Microbiology and NI Academia together to support the NIHR Call
20 Sept 2013
3rd QUART Conference:  Ambitious for All: Evidence-based practice for participation and inclusion
19 Sept 2013
Huntington’s Disease: Holistic perspectives and new hope – science, youth and care
17-19 Sept 2013
International training programme on ageing
12 Sept 2013
Improving palliative care in nursing and residential homes: A knowledge transfer initiative
9 Sept 2013
Alcohol-Free Wombs: A ‘Pregnant Pause’ on International FASD Awareness Day
25 July 2013
From Sea to Shelf: Marine Bioactives and Human Health – Applications and Future Directions
28 June 2013
Using a taxonomy of behaviour change techniques to specify the content of complex health interventions – a one day workshop
2-3 May 2013
5th Annual Translational Medicine Conference ‘Enabling Healthy Ageing’
11-13 Mar 2013
Transforming Practice through Action Research: from theory to practice
18-22 Feb 2013
Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries: the role of sensori-motor control
25 Jan 2013
Cochrane Collaboration in Ireland – Ninth Annual Cochrane in Ireland Conference
16 Jan 2013
Partnerships in Research for EU Funding
17-18 Dec 2012
Pressure Ulcer Prevention Using Novel Healthcare Technologies
30 Nov 2012
Ambitious for All: Best practice and research in Autism Spectrum Disorder and related conditions
3-4 Sept 2012
British Society for Cardiovascular Research, Autumn Meeting 2012 “Novel insights into the pathogenesis of cardiac remodelling”
22 June 2012
Promoting Public Health in Maternity Care
11 June 2012
UK Critical Care Research Forum (UKCCRF)
11 June 2012
Infection and Innate Immunity in Chronic Respiratory Disease
21 May 2012
Family carers of older people with learning disabilities: Planning for the Future
17 May 2012
Securing the Future – The HSCNI Microbiology strain repository
10 May 2012
4th Annual Translational Medicine Conference ‘Inflammation Processes & Cardiovascular Disease – Innovative Healthcare for Challenging Times’
31 Mar 2012
Health Communication Research Conference
29 Mar 2012
The Impact of Bereavement
14 Mar 2012
Northern Ireland Research and Quality Group (NIRAQ) Conference
7 Mar 2012
Launch of the NI Public Health Research Network
27 Jan 2012
Shaping the future: AHP Research in NI
27 Dec 2011
Bioengineering in Ireland 18
Cochrane in Ireland Conference
09 Dec 2011
Ignorance Isn’t Bliss! : A Research Seminar on Health and Social Care Professional’s Awareness, Knowledge and Understanding of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Northern Ireland
6 events during Nov/Dec 2011
Research Dissemination and Workshops on Child Sexual Exploitation in Northern Ireland
18 Nov 2011
Ambitious for All – Current research in Autism Spectrum Disorder and related conditions
Nov 2011
Rehabilitation Research Workshops – multiprofessional interventions for cancer survivors
1 Nov 2011
“Ageing Globally – Ageing Locally” – Planning All Our Futures Conference
25 Oct 11
Pharmacoepidemiology Symposium
21 Sept 2011
Specialist Day: The Psychological and Social Aspects of Disfigurement
7-8 Sept 2011
Challenges in Cancer: Answering the Difficult Questions
16-17 May 2011
Meeting of the Cumberland Initiative
May 2011
Alzheimer’s Ireland Conference
6-9 Sept 2010
Annual Conference of the Society for Social Medicine
16–17 Sept 2010
Exploring the Connections between the Experience of Multiple Adversities in Childhood and Poor Outcomes in Later Adult Life: Linking Research to Policy and Practice
2–3 Sept 2010
Dangerous Liaisons – Pathogens and the Immune System