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Awards for one of the CHITIN studies

The REfLECTS study receives additional funding of almost €1.760m from HSC R&D Division

The devolved administrations, the HRA and the MHRA have agreed to make two key changes to the UK amendment process with effect from 25 March 2021.


UK Government sets out bold vision for the future of clinical research delivery

More than one million participants have now taken part in COVID-19 research across the UK, the National Institute for Health Research and NHS can proudly announce.

Free app for people living with dementia

Click here to read about NI researchers leading the way on NI vaccine trials

NICRN & NICRF supported Novavax COVID-19 vaccine trial

Dr Jackie Granleese, a mother-of-four and member of Public Involvement Enhancing Research (PIER) NI, joined a number of patients and public contributors to launch a new report by the Health Research Authority working with Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI).